In order to give equal importance to all Arts we have established a Training Centre where Martial Arts Training will be merged along with other arts under one roof. For the first time in the world all Martial Arts like Karate, Kung Fu, Kalarippayittu, Marma Treatment, Taekwondo, Wushu, Judo and all other types of martial Arts will be conducted together.

Through the medium of regular exercise we intend to help you relieve yourself from diseases and also develop a new healthy generation. Along with this our aim is also to help children develop themselves mentally and physically. For this purpose, along with Martial Arts we are conducting Dance Courses, Music Courses, Drawing and Painting Courses and spoken Arabic, English and Hindi Courses at our Centre.

For the Health and overall development of Ladies we are conducting Yoga, Aerobics, Ladies Gym, Tailoring and Embroidery Courses etc., Our Centre has 22 well qualified instructors and we intend to employ more in the near future so that an opportunity may be given to more and more qualified people in this field.
Each branch will have a qualified lady Office Secretary who will be in charge of the Communication and day to day activities of the institution. There will be a Public Relations Officer (PRO) who will be in charge of all Public Relations all over India.
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