Karate is a form of martial arts which is spreading extensively worldwide. Even though this form of martial arts has been practiced since the 6th century it became popular only in the 18th century through Bruce Lee Cinemas. The meaning of the phrase “Karate” is Weaponless fighting.

Taekwondo a Korean Martial Arts which has been recognized in all games and Olympics is being practiced at our Club in Styles like ITF, GTF and WTF.


Kung fu
The most famous style of Kung fu in India known as “Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu” which has its headquarters in Calcutta, India, is being adapted and practiced by the Oasis Health and Arts Club. It’s South Indian Master Shifu Rahoof (5th DAN) is the Chief Instructor. There are numerous Black Belts and other students training under him.

Yoga has originated in India thousands of years ago. It has been practiced by “sadhus” and “yogis” since time immemorial as a form of worship. But today yoga has evolved to become the most sought after exercise for a healthy mind and body. We are conducting yoga classes for ladies by experienced instructors


Judo which is famous in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan and recognized in all games and Olympics is being practiced at our Scool.

Kalaripayittu, which is known as the traditional martial arts of kerala is making a comeback all over Kerala through our Health and Arts Club with the same popularity which existed in the ancient days. The kalaripayittu styles which are famous in different parts of Kerala such as Kadathanadan Kalari, C.V.N. Kalari, Choorakodi Kalari, Thulunadan Kalari, Kattuparuthi Kalaripayittu is being practiced along with Marma Treatment at our Club. (Mayppayettu, Vadippayettu, Churigappayettu, Kadareppayettu, Vaallum Parijayum, Urumippayettum and all different techniques, styles and traditional methods of treatment is being interweaved along with the practices adapted at the Oasis Health School.

Ayurveda and Marma Chikitsa
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