Shihan KK Ahmed is the Technical Director and Chief Examiner of the Japan Karate – Do Hayashi-Ha Shitoryu Kai of UAE since its inception in 2002. He started learning Karate at the age of 13.

At the age of 10 years he commenced training in Kalaripayattu (Warrior Act) – a traditional Indian Martial Art under his auspicious Father’s instruction and training at the family tent specially made for practicing Kalaripayattu. Shihan Ahmed got the encouragement from his Father who was a well known trainer in Kalaripayattu and Martial Arts.

Later on he was fascinated by Karate when it emerged in Kerala (India) and became a trainee in Karate at the age of 13 apart from becoming a well qualified warrior of Kalaripayattu. Then for a decade he obtained various training and became an instructor travelling throughout India. He participated in a lot of competitions in State and National Level and worked with several Defence Forces in India as their main Instructor. He also conducted several Educational and awareness programs under the banner of the Karate Union

He participated and Lectured at various Stages in Kerala(India) regarding Smoking and its Hazards. As a result of these Seminars and Lectures the Judicial Authorities Banned Smoking in Public Places during the Year 2001.

Shihan Ahmed organized and presided over more than 40 venues in India and abroad for Karate Exhibitions. During the Year 1994, he performed at a stage Program in both Karate and Kalaripayattu at Al Nasr Liesureland in Dubai.

During 1994, he became an Instructor at Jumeirah Police Club and now undertakes and works in several Schools as Trainer and Examiner in Karate Training. He was Awarded with 7th Dan Black Belt by the World famous Karate Grand master Soke Teruo Hayashi. He is presently holding Membership with the World Union Karate Federation, UAE Federation and Joint Secretary of the All India Hayashi Shitoryu Kai.

Apart from the above, he is also rendering valuable advice and services to more than 30 Karate Centers in Kerala (India) as Technical Director and Chief Examiner.

Moreover, during the past years, he obtained excellent professional knowledge in Refereeing, Judging etc. Every Year Shihan Ahmed will be visiting Japan (the land from where Karate originated) Shaolin Temple China (Kung Fu) and Korea (Taikwondo) for further Research and Future Developments.
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